Welcome to Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc.!

My name is Irvina D. Booker. I am in my 60's’ living with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

I am the Founder and President of Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc., a northern New Jersey African American Multiple Sclerosis Support Corporation.

In addition to being the founder and president of Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc., a MS group leader, a volunteer post stroke & disabled adult support group facilitator for Bergen County, New Jersey, Irvina also became a member of the NJ Drug Policy Alliance, serving as a Multiple Sclerosis advocate and spoke person for medical marijuana, and in 2015 the National MS Society - Metro Chapter sought Irvina out to become the National MS Society - Metro chapter Community Outreach Volunteer, where even to this day, Irvina continues to engage with the MS Metro Chapter to support anyone with MS.

My initial MS symptoms started in 1978, four years after the birth of my daughter. However, I was not formally diagnosed until 1992 with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

Multiple Sclerosis has many physical symptoms unique to each person. In addition to battling the physical aspects of this disease, from partial paralysis, optic neuritis, bladder problems, constipation, nausea, and daily pain, I was also early on faced with the emotional challenges, such as depression, as a result of being stripped of my independence. It is due to MS, that I am unable to walk or move freely without a cane or walker.

The need of an African American MS group became obvious early on after my official diagnosis. I became more and more vocal about my healthcare concerns; more African Americans and other people of color came forward and asked to talk about their battle with MS.

In 2006, I connected with the MS National – Metro Chapter, where I addressed the fact that African Americans and other people of color affected by MS were not visible. Since the MS National Society did not have any real resources for African Americans and people of color, I was determined to fix that need.

I have started from ground up, and it is t is through my strong ”FAITH” that the idea to start this group came to fruition. In October 2007, I have founded Bergen County MS group, Faith Is Our Pathway. A MS group with the purpose to of brining African Americans and people of color together, to share each MS experiences, support one another, explore innovative MS researches available, advocate and offer creative and enjoyable recreations to combat isolation and depression.

What started with my strong determination in the quest of connecting, and supporting other African Americans and people of color, grew into the largest MS support group in Northern New Jersey, where people of almost all nationalities, believes and backgrounds, started to reach out to me, attending our meetings and most still keep in touch and participate in our FIOP meetings and events to this very day.

Out of this need, ‘Faith Is Our Pathway’ was incorporated in 2008 to Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc.

It is also through ‘FAITH' that Ebenezer Baptist Church, located in Englewood, New Jersey, extended their arms allowing us to meet there every 3rd Saturday of each month to hold our MS meetings. It is through ‘FAITH' we continuously work to travel and educate our politicians, communities, family and friends, so that others have a better understanding what is means to live with MS.

Lastly, meeting with my ‘FIOP FAMILY’ every month gives me incentive, inspiration, fulfillment and a newfound drive.

It is our continued priority to serve with humaneness, resourcefulness and responsibility to everyone.

I look forward to meeting you!

Irvina D. Booker,
Founder and President