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Navigating your newly MS diagnosis is difficult. Finding the right kind of MS support organization tailored to your needs, whether online or in-person can be just as consuming. There is a lot of MS information available online that may overpower anyone seeking resources and support, regardless at which MS stage you find yourself. We at Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc. (FIOP) know, as our loved ones and we once have been where you find yourself today.
Like you, our story began in 1978, long before our official incorporation in 2008, when our founder and president, Irvina Booker started to experience her first symptoms. It took Irvina years of research and countless doctors visits, until she was officially diagnosed in 1992 with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).
In addition to having to navigate Multiple Sclerosis as an African American, finding the right support to assist with Irvina’s needs was non-existent. Instead of being defeated by the lack of MS resources available for African Americans and people of color, Irvina became vocal about MS in her community of Englewood, New Jersey, and other neighborhoods in Bergen, Passaic and Essex County.
In 2006, Irvina connected with the New Jersey Metro Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, where she addressed the fact that African Americans affected by MS were not visible. Irvina was determined to change that.
She started from ground up and did not take no for an answer, while holding on to her strong faith of making MS resources available to all people.
From creating and distributing flyers in community centers, churches and other venues, Irvina provided her contact information and obtained numerous calls from people in the community looking to learn more about MS.
What started with a strong determined woman in the quest of connecting, and supporting other African Americans and people of color, grew into the largest MS support group in Northern New Jersey, where people of almost all nationalities, believes and backgrounds, started to contact Irvina, attended our meetings, where most people still participate to this very day.
Out of this need, Faith Is Our Pathway was incorporated in 2008 to Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc. While we at Faith Is Our Pathway do not have a magic checklist that works for everyone, FIOP exist with the goal to assist its members, families, friends, and caregiver’s needs. We strive to offer assistance, support and direction, comfort in distress and understanding to those afflicted with MS. No two MSers experience the same symptoms, but sharing our proficiencies, knowledge and daily events, allow us to be inspired, build confidence, make lifetime friendships, travel companions, and continue to live life to its fullest.
Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc. grew over years to an amazing community made out of people, whose lives are impacted by MS, whether directly or indirectly, seeking the best quality of life. We are inclusive to all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds.
Faith Is Our Pathway (FIOP) is by no means a traditional MS resource organization. We are made up of amazing people, creative leaders, and MS advocates, inspiring everyone to be active in our community, to pay a vital role in the MS care and treatment, to ask healthcare providers the right questions, and to continue to spread awareness of MS, so that others have a better understanding what it means to live with MS.
From organizing MS awareness walks, bowling for MS, MS awareness Barbecues, MS inspirational musical concerts, day trips to wineries, horseback riding, MS exercises, advocate for inclusiveness for all and funding to find a MS cure, to inviting local politicians to participate in our events, to sharing any innovative MS resources that becomes available to us, we strive to offer something for any taste.
And to top it off, in addition to being the founder and president of Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc., a MS group leader, a volunteer post stroke & disabled adult support group facilitator for Bergen County, New jersey, Irvina also became a member of the NJ Drug Policy Alliance, serving as a Multiple Sclerosis advocate and spokesperson for medical marijuana, and in 2015 the National MS Society - Metro Chapter sought Irvina out to become the National MS Society - Metro chapter Community Outreach Volunteer, where even to this day, Irvina continues to engage with the MS Metro Chapter to support anyone with MS.
If you are newly diagnosed with MS, new in our community, have a friend or loved one who has MS, and if we sound like the type of MS support organization you would care to learn more about and be part of, then please feel free to reach out. We are all excited to meet you, and provide you with all the resources we wish we had available when we started our MS journey.
Your donation supports our exceptional MS community; the largest MS support organizations run in Northern New Jersey. Help us continue to exist, to bring awareness about MS to our community and vicinity, and reach out to other MS’ers in need.
Thank you!
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