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My name is Irvina D. Booker. I am in my 60's’
living with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.
I am Founder/President of Faith Is Our Pathway,
the North Jersey African American Multiple
SclerosisSupport Corporation. I am also a
member of The Compassionate Use for
Medicinal Marijuana, NJ Drug Policy Alliance.
My greatest joy in life is watching the growth
of my two grandsons Chanz and Shane.

My initial MS symptoms started in 1978, four
years after the birth of my daughter. However,
I was not formally diagnosed with MS until
1992 (thus far an incurable disease that attacks
the central nervous system and interferes with the
brains ability to send and receive messages).
MS has many physical symptoms. In addition to
battling the physical aspects of this disease (partial paralysis, optic neuritis, bladder
problems, constipation, nausea, daily pain, etc.)
I was also faced with the emotional challenges
(depression) being stripped of my independence.
Due to MS I am unable to walk or move around on my own without cane or walker.
The need of an African American Group
became obviousas I became more vocal about my medical issues; more people
of color came forward and asked to talk
about their battle with MS. Those of us
that have it can’t and sometimes won’t
talk about it; because it is a disease that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

It is through” FAITH” that the idea to
start this group came to fruition. It is
through "FAITH” Ebenezer Baptist
Church extended their arms allowing us
to meet here every 3rd Saturday every
month to hold our meetings. It is
through” FAITH” we continuously work
totravel and educate our politicians,
community’s family and friends.

Lastly, meeting with my (FIOP
FAMILY) everymonth gives me
incentive, inspiration, fulfillment and
purpose. Let’s continue to display our
support and faith for one another and having faith in God.