About Us:

Founded in 2008, Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc. (FIOP) provides a wide-ranging approach to helping people from the initial diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis to connect, share daily experiences and continue to maintain a healthy and well- being lifestyle with confidence about the future.

Promoting a positive life style that entertains and educates our members, Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc. (FIOP) presents numerous program functions, group discussions, activities geared to promote personal fitness, arts & crafts, ceramics, trivia games, Physical Therapy (limited), meditation, music & reminiscences session(s), guest speaker(s), and occasional recreational trips.

We offer a once a month in person group meeting, aimed to support people who have MS, their families, friends and caregivers in becoming self-sufficient and their homes safe, while our educational programs improves public awareness and promote understanding about the disease.

Well-known for our high - quality and free program functions & multi-cultural members, Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc. (FIOP) holds the largest Multiple Sclerosis monthly group meeting in our region offering a broad mix of activities and support, appealing to all ages and tastes, attracting audiences from northern New Jersey and beyond.

Our priority is to serve with humaneness, resourcefulness and responsibility to everyone.