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About Us

The purpose of Faith Is Our Pathway is
to bring together people living with this
disease who share a common life experience
for education advocacy,support, and

Who We Are

If you have been recently diagnosed ,
or know someone who has been diagnosed
with Multiple Sclerosis, or if you've dealt
with MS alone, please contact us. Our
meetings are low key, but fun. We don't
preach at you but we do share
information on medications, therapies,
medical equipmentand mobility devices.
Our purposeis to share common life experiences.

Faith Is Our Pathway, Inc,

It is a strong organization, started by a
woman. It is a viable organization addressing
the needs and daily concerns of its members.
An organization comprised of a Marine Broker, an Ad Exec., three

Teachers, Transit and Postal Workers, hard
working parents with small children, single
mothers and fathers leading families,
grandmothersand grand fathers. An
extraordinary Board, numerous friends and
family. We are myriad and many. There is strength in those numbers.

We are Faith is our Pathway, Inc. (FIOP) and
we strive to offer assistance and direction,
comfort in distress and support and understanding to those afflicted with this disease.

The issues that these members face on a
daily basis living with MS range from
confirming every destination is wheelchair
accessible to chasing down affordable medication. On a daily basis for those with
the MS that you can’t see (being pain issues)
have to deal with getting stopped by police for parking in disabled spaces because the
disability is not apparent – especially at malls. On a daily basis to get out of bed is a
triumph, but does not always happen and that
is where having the ability to call someone who understands is a powerful thing. No one
is alone in this group. FIOP chooses to put
member’s needs as goal. MS is glue the binds each to the other.